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Sparmax Arism Mini (Sakura Pink)

Sparmax Arism Mini (Sakura Pink)

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A new generation of compressors with more power in smaller units.

The Sparmax ARISM Mini Kit is ideal for beginners through to professional airbrush users and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

A total of 8 colours are available in Spamax ARISM Mini Kit Set

The Sparmax ARISM Mini Kit includes:

ARISM Mini Sakura Pink Compressor
Sparmax MAX-4 Airbrush with 0.4mm nozzle and needle combination
Sparmax Cleaning Pot with built in airbrush holder.

Sparmax ARISM MINI Compressor Kit Box
The Sparmax ARISM Mini Kit is excellent for these applications:

Nail Art
Cosmetics and Body Art
Model Painting
Cake Decorating
Hobby and Craft
Art & Graphics
Custom Automotive

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