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Become a Member of the Gloucester Tabletop Gaming Club

Join the largest gaming club in the Shire

Welcome to the Gloucester Tabletop Gaming Club, where imagination and strategy come to life! Nestled in the heart of historic Gloucester, our club is a haven for enthusiasts of all ages who share a passion for tabletop gaming. Whether you're a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, you'll find a welcoming community eager to roll dice, shuffle decks, and embark on epic adventures.

Community and Friendship

At the heart of our club is a vibrant, inclusive community. Our members range from lifelong gamers to those just starting to explore the world of tabletop gaming. We pride ourselves on fostering a friendly, respectful environment where everyone feels welcome.

Convenient Location

Easily accessible by public transport, our club's location ensures that you can drop in for a quick game.

  • Free Parking: Enjoy the convenience of free parking at the Tuffley Community Centre. No need to worry about finding a spot or feeding a meter—just park and play!
  • Fully Working Bar: Quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings at our fully working bar. Whether you prefer a refreshing soft drink, a hot beverage, or a cold pint, the bar at Tuffley Community Centre has you covered.

Join Us

Becoming a member is easy! Drop by during one of our regular meetups to see what we’re all about. Our knowledgeable and Karl will guide you through the membership process, introduce you to fellow gamers, and help you jump right into the action.

Embark on a journey of fun and fellowship at the Gloucester Tabletop Gaming Club, where every roll of the dice tells a story and every game builds community. We can’t wait to game with you!

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