Nightstalker Army 2.0

Nightstalker Army 2.0

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The Nightstalkersare the dreams, nightmares, fears,and horrors of mortals made manifest. Although their incursions into our realm are thankfully rare, the devastation caused by such events is absolute on both a physical and emotional level.


  • 20x Reapers/Leapers
  • 20xScarecrows/Doppelgangers
  • 6x Butchers
  • 1x Banshee
  • 1x Mind-Screech
  • 2x 120x40mm Bases
  • 2x 100x40mm Bases
  • 1x 100x80mm Base

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.
  • 31st May 2023.
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