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Minerva Battlefleet Set

Minerva Battlefleet Set

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1 Dystopian Wars: Minerva Battlefleet Set contains:



  • 1x Minerva Assault Carrier
  • 3x Scorpio Artillery Cruisers (may also be built as Vulcan or Jupiter Class)
  • 3x Gladius Strike Cruisers (may also be built as Spatha, Auxillia or Pilum Class)
  • 6x Cestus Zebeks
  • 6x Pugio Destroyers
  • 3x Sagitta Hunter Submarines
  • 3x SRS Tokens

It was a small unnamed island, part of an unremarkable chain. Uninhabited. If there were anyone there they would have been treated to a glorious sight. A formation of Malinois Strike Fighters soared above the battlefleet, pilots seeing far into the distance thanks to their elevated position. The triangular craft were only visible as specks by the crewmen below and would have gone unnoticed to the wildlife of the island. Even the men of the fleet who did see made no mention of it as they were far too busy preparing for the oncoming violence. Next came a squadron of Gladius Cruisers, flanked by Cestus Zebeks, livery freshly painted as a point of pride. They were swiftly followed by Pugio Destroyers, ready to change formation at a moments notice and unleash a surprising amount of firepower. After that came the flagship, a Minerva Assault Carrier, from which had launched the fighters circling overhead. She was the ‘Giornata Gloriosa’, the fluid lines of her decorated hull reflecting the sunlight. The flightdeck had more Malinois prepared to launch once the enemy was spotted while cranes and docking mechanisms were stowed away, ready to release the moment a cruiser pulled alongside for emergency repairs. Trailing behind here were Scorpio Artillery Cruisers, their Naval Ballista sitting silent, waiting for action. The parrots on the island paid no attention to the impressive sight, let alone wonder what fools had garnered the military attention of the Alliance.


Supplied unpainted & unassembled

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