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Iwata Maxx Jet compressor

Iwata Maxx Jet compressor

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Iwata Studio Series compressors are powerful, compact and quiet. With oil-less piston motors, they are low maintenance and affordably priced. The Iwata Studio Series are the perfect companion to any of the Iwata airbrushes.

The Maxx Jet compressor can run up to four Iwata airbrushes or similar airbrushes at the same time or a low-volume spray gun. Housed in a portable and sturdy case with a 2.5 litre air tank and storage galore for all your airbrushes, paints and accessories, the Maxx Jet really allows you to take your art on the road.


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The Maxx Jet compressor features:

  • Low maintenance, oil-less twin piston air compressor
  • Quiet running 1/4 HP induction motor
  • 2.5 litre air tank
  • Air flow at 0 psi: 1.4 CFM (40 lpm)
  • Working pressure from 0 psi to 60 psi.
  • Smart Technology automatic switching reduces running time and motor wear (40 psi on / 60 psi off)
  • Strong protective travel case with retractable handle
  • Back wheels for portability, front legs for stability
  • Detachable top with handle opens a tray for your accessories
  • Removable front draw
  • Latches for top access and motor access
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Moisture filter
  • Regulator pressure gauge
  • Tank pressure gauge
  • Air regulator for precise air pressure adjustment
  • Comes with two 3 metre (10') braided hoses
  • 2 x 1/4 BSP outlet manifold on regulator
  • Convenient airbrush, spray gun and regulator holders
  • Detachable power cord
  • On/off switch
  • Size: L 32 x W 32 x H 57 cm (approx including handle and fittings)
  • Weight: 14.2 kg
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
  • Noise level: 72 decibels
  • Duty cycle: 60 minutes continuous use. Please allow the motor to rest for at least 20 minutes after each cycle of continuous use.
  • Optional Expansion Storage Tray sold separately.

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Compressor Comparison Chart,
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and Compressor Application Guide.

Iwata Maxx Jet

The Maxx Jet is suitable for running between two and four of the following or other similar airbrushes concurrently (depending on the type of application, the airbrush models, the required airflow and required pressure. Please call for specific advice) :
(a multiple-outlet manifold is additionally required to connect more than one airbrush)

  • Neo for Iwata CN, BCN, TRN1, TRN2
  • Iwata Revolution BR, CR, SAR, BCR, TR1, TR2, M1, M2
  • Iwata Eclipse BS, CS, SBS, BCS (or one G6)
  • Iwata HP
  • Iwata HP-Plus
  • Iwata Hi-Line
  • Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH (will only run one)
  • Iwata Custom Micron
  • Iwata Kustom series (or one HP-TH)
  • Paasche CC
  • Paasche F
  • Paasche Talon
  • Paasche V
  • Paasche VJR
  • Paasche VSR90
  • Paasche VV
  • Badger 100
  • Badger 150
  • Premi Air G35
  • Sparmax SP35, SP35C, MAX-3, MAX-4, HB-040, SP-20X, DH-125
  • Sparmax GP-35, GP-50

The Maxx Jet is suitable for running two of the following airbrushes, small spray guns or similar:
(a multiple-outlet manifold is additionally required to connect more than one airbrush)

  • Paasche H
  • Paasche HS
  • Paasche VL
  • Paasche VLS
  • Paasche MIL-SET
  • Badger 150 HD
  • Badger 155
  • Badger 175
  • Badger 200
  • Badger 250
  • Badger 260
  • Badger 350
  • Sparmax GP-850

The Maxx Jet is suitable for running one of the following airbrushes, small spray guns or similar:

  • Iwata Eclipse G3, G5, G6
  • Iwata RG-3 (with fan: at lower pressures only)
  • Iwata LPH-50 (at low pressures for tanning only)
  • Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH (will only run one)
  • Paasche AEC
  • Asturo C3, C5, CV5, C7, CV7 (at low pressures for tanning only)
  • Flake King 500

Click here for a chart showing which airbrushes this compressor can run in comparison to other Iwata compressors.

If you require further advice on choosing the most suitable equipment for you needs and budget, or if you have any doubt about the compatibility between equipment you are buying and equipment you already own, then please contact us.

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