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Iwata Eclipse G6 Airbrush

Iwata Eclipse G6 Airbrush

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When airbrush projects call for larger coverage and a full finish, look no further than the Iwata G-Series airbrush-guns. They spray with the fine atomization and air pressure of an airbrush, while covering larger spray areas.

The Iwata G-Series G6 Bottle Set Side-Feed Airbrush-Gun includes two 3oz / 84ml side-feed plastic bottles with adapter. A 4oz / 130ml Stainless Steel Cup is also available to purchase separately which will fit this airbrush-gun. The Iwata G-Series G6 features an adjustable air inlet (includes both 1/8 in and 1/4 in) and a Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve that enables incremental control of the airflow.


Spray chart for airbrush-guns that spray with Full Finish

Airbrush Specifications:

  • Spray Performance Category: Full Finish
  • Series: G-Series
  • Spray Scale: Wide to Extra Wide (16mm to 63mm+)
  • Optimal Working Pressure: 35 - 55 psi (0.24 - 0.38 Mpa)
    Will atomise at lower and higher pressures depending on your application, paint mix and compressor compatibility.
  • Head System: G6 - Needle, Nozzle, Air Cap (0.6mm)
  • Nozzle Type: Threaded
  • Feed Style: Side-feed
  • Paint Capacity: 4.40oz (130.0ml) - includes two 3oz / 84ml side-feed plastic bottles with adapter
  • Action: Dual-action
  • Mix Type: Internal-mix
  • Handle Type: Pistol-Grip / Trigger
  • Warranty: 10 Years Extended UK Warranty
  • Net Weight (lbs): 0.54
  • Net Weight (kg): 0.24
  • Assembled Dimensions (in): 4.25 x 5.25 x 6.00
  • Assembled Dimensions (mm): 108 x 133 x 152
Excellent for these applications:
  • Custom Automotive
  • Sign Painting
  • Mural painting
  • Spray Tanning
  • Model Painting
  • Hobby and Craft
  • Ceramics
  • Art & Illustration
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