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Italian Support Squadrons

Italian Support Squadrons

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1 Dystopian Wars: Italian Support Squadrons box set contains:

  • 2x Scorpio Artillery Cruiser (may also be built as Jupiter or Vulcan Class)
  • 2x Sagitta Hunter Submarines
  • 4x Pugio Destroyers
  • 2x SRS Tokens

"While our discoveries of Sturginium and its uses has ushered in a time of scientific marvels, unrecognisable to those of previous generations, there has also been a recent resurgence of older designs but with vastly more powerful results. The Rostratum Naval Ballista is a perfect example of this. The simple idea of a bolt being launched to impact and pierce a target has been with us since ancient times. The Italian Engineers of the Latin Alliance have advanced this in a way that could only be achieved with hitherto unknown comprehension of engineering. They have designed bolts using current alloys that are a fraction of the weight of a comparable steel structure while losing none of its material hardness. In place of twisted rope they use electro-magnetic rails that fire the bolt at incredible speed. Reports of a projectile impacting on the hull of an enemy vessel and then being hauled in to spin the target to a less desirable facing are troubling and interesting in equal measure. I propose we explore ideas like this further. Imagine the untapped potential we already have in our history. Imagine a trebuchet with a thousand times its previously registered force, Da Vinci’s designs made real or Greek Fire made on an industrial scale."

Peer of the Enlightened, Robert Abernethy, at a symposium shortly before his disappearance.

Supplied unpainted & unassembled

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