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Italian Frontline Squadrons

Italian Frontline Squadrons

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1 Dystopian Wars: Italian frontline Squadrons box set contains:


  • 2x Cruisers (may be built as either Gladius, Spatha, Auxillia or Pilum Class)
  • 4x Cestus Zebeks
  • 4x Escorts


Pride of the Castellammare di Stabia shipyards, the Gladius is a superb vessel. Optimised for long sea voyages with comfortable crew berths and excellent fresh-water reclamation systems, the Gladius is a popular assignment in the Regia Marina.

Crews of Pilum monitors are reminded that they are often the last line of defence for civilians and as such are assigned from recruits hailing from inland towns and cities of Italy. This ensures they understand what is truly at stake should an enemy vessel get past them and into Alliance territory.

Cestus Zebeks are often tasked to defend the flanks of Alliance fleets as well as grouping their attacks against key targets of opportunity.


Supplied unpainted & unassembled

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