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Couronne Battlefleet Set

Couronne Battlefleet Set

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1 Dystopian Wars: Couronne Battlefleet Set contains:

  • 1x Couronne Grand Carrier (may also built as La Dame Liberte)
  • 2x Chasseur (may also built as Furieux or Voliere Class)
  • 2x Chevalier Cruiser (may also built as Charlemagne, Loire or Picardy Class)
  • 2x Epaulard Artillery Submarine (may also built as Sirene Class)
  • 4x Eceyere Frigate
  • 2x SRS Token

    "The Couronne Grand Carrier is a masterpiece of form entwined with function. Girders and domes more at home in Parisian architecture than on machines of war are accentuated by extravagant filigree to the fore. This grandeur is backed up by engineering that befits a war machine of her stature. The hull has been reinforced with lightweight yet durable alloys devised by metallurgists at Mont Saint-Michel. Wings of Malinois Strike Fighters are safely stored in her shapely belly, waiting to be unleashed against the enemy, with expert pilots having been trained in reconnaissance and the clearance of naval mines. Some of you may have even been fortunate to see La Dame Liberte. A glorious sight, she will be sure to inspire our sailors and strike dread in the hearts of those who oppose us. Again, her use is as important as her looks with a Solex generator being hidden under the folds of her robes. I can assure you that this addition will cement President Bonaparte as the eminent force in the Latin Alliance. Merci!"

    Chief Logistical Officer Reynard Dupont, in an address to financial backers of the French


    Supplied unpainted & unassembled

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