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Alliance Levant Squadrons

Alliance Levant Squadrons

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1 Dystopian Wars: Alliance Levant Support Squadrons set contains:

  • 2x Dieppe Levant Cruiser (may also be built as Alma, Lyon, Marseille or Gascony Class)
  • 2x Honneur Levant Destroyer
  • 2x Frelon Tokens

As the squadron of Levant skimmers passed by the port, they forced a spray of seawater into mist with their repulsor generators. A sparkle of rainbow light delighted everyone who saw it. The same sunshine glimmered off gold filigree that was yet to be damaged in combat. They were a glorious sight, inspiring awe in all those who were gathered at the dockside. It was no secret that these support cruisers were passing by while gaining additional supplies before they left France for whichever exotic sea needed protection in the name of the glorious Latin Alliance. It was a humble crowd of fishermen, their families and the everyday folk that kept this small town running from day to day. Carpenters, shopkeepers, and technicians who kept everything ticking over. It wasn’t often that they saw anything from the navy pass by so children had made pennants and bunting to wave the hovering vessels off. These were support cruisers themselves. Gascony and Alma class cruisers made sure the warships could do their job serving the Alliance's many outposts spread across the globe. Theirs was not the glory of combat but a job just as important. It was no accident that they had been ordered to stock up supplies here, the many publicists in service to Napoleon III knew the importance of keeping up the morale of the common man.

Supplied unpainted & unassembled

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