U.S. Navy (1770 - 1830)

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1 US Navy Fleet (1770 - 1830) Box Set contains:


  • 3 plastic frigates
  • 6 plastic brigs
  • 3 plastic third rates
  • 2 Resin heavy Frigates
  • 1 bomb ships base
  • A selection of Metal figureheads and backplates to make famous US Navy Ships:
  • US Navy Flags, Sails & rigging sheets + Bobbin for Rigging
  • Game cards and wake markers




As a country founded on the principles of sailing and maritime trading, the budding American navy needed to both build and learn quickly in order to stand a chance in a world where Britain, France and Spain dominated the Atlantic.

Starting from a small, poorly funded armada, the US Navy rapidly expanded with heavily armed frigates of particularly sturdy design, that gave them the speed and firepower to compete with even the vaunted British Navy, and begin the long journey towards becoming the world's next greatest naval power more than a century later.


Several American frigates, such as the USS Constitution featured revolutionary designs that made them not only fantastically durable but allowed them to carry fewer, but heavier guns and out-run unfavourable engagements.

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