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Soviet Ace Pilot: Mariya Dolina

Soviet Ace Pilot: Mariya Dolina

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1 Soviet Ace Pilot: Mariya Dolina box set contains:


  • 1 x PE-2 Fighter plane
  • Advantage Flying Base
  • Set of Double-sided Pilot Skills Discs
  • Aircraft Card
  • Aircraft Trait Card
  • Ace Skill Card
  • Mariya Dolina Ace Card



She was deputy squadron commander of the 125th “Marina M. Raskova” Borisov Guards Bomber Regiment.
Mariya flew seventy-two missions bombing enemy ammunition depots, strongholds, tanks, artillery batteries, rail and water transports, and supporting Soviet ground troops.
On 18 August 1945 she was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union

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