Royal Navy 1st Rate

Royal Navy 1st Rate

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1 Royal Navy 1st Rate Box Set contains:


  • Components for 1 resin 1st rate ship hull
  • Metal components for masts
  • Printed sails
  • English 1st Rate ship card
  • Wake markers
  • Bobbin for rigging
  • Acetate Ratlines
  • A sheet of flags & pennants



Especially dangerous ships to encounter in combat: 1st rates are large, bristle with guns and have access to a wide variety of customisation / upgrades to sway the battle in their nation's favour.


A Royal Navy 1st rate is a particularly dangerous foe in Black Seas, as they have the best access to customisation and upgrade options available to their class.
Combine certain upgrades with the British 'Drilled' special rule and your 1st rate will truly be an unstoppable force.

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