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Neo Air compressor with NEO gravity airbrush

Neo Air compressor with NEO gravity airbrush

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Spray chart for airbrushes that spray with Effortless Coverage

The Neo for Iwata Gravity-Feed Airbrushing Kit with Neo CN is perfect for the first time or occasional user because it delivers soft, effortless coverage and quality atomisation at low air pressures making it a great choice for general purpose spraying.

The Neo CN Gravity-Feed Airbrush and the Neo Air Compressor in this kit works at any voltage and has multiple plug-style adapters. This airbrush and compressor is a low pressure combination and sprays 1-15 psi with great results!

This kit also includes three 1oz bottles of Com-Art Colours, 1oz bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner and complete online instructions and exercises to gain skill and control. Packaged in a handle box, it's the perfect, portable airbrush kit and makes a great gift!

Kit Includes:

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