Frigates & Brigs Flotilla (1770 - 1830)

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1 Frigates & Brigs Flotilla (1770 - 1830) Box Set contains:


  • 2 plastic frigates & 4 plastic brigs
  • Printed sails
  • ship cards
  • Wake markers
  • Bobbin for rigging
  • Acetate Ratlines
  • Sheets of flags & pennants


Frigates of the time were typically classified as either 5th or 6th rate vessels, carrying around 40 guns across 2 decks, making them manoeuvrable enough to act as scouts, raid shipping, but still take part in larger fleet engagements when they needed to.

Brigs were two-masted sailing ships with square rigging, and were popular as both merchant ships and as light escort craft. Only carrying 10-20 guns on a single deck meant they were not particularly suited to heavy combat, though they made excellent training vessels for cadets.


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